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Obamination. Obama was employed by radical Arab group. News Team

Obama was raised Muslim as a young boy, but belongs to a Christian black power church in Chicago.

However, Obama was employed as a director of a radical Arab group known as Woods Fund. Obama worked along side William C. Ayers, a confessed terrorist. Ayers has admitted to being involved in a terrorist bombing in the United States in the 1970’s.

The Woods Fund, among other things, supports drivers licenses and free schooling for illegal aliens.

Obama’s involvement with the group puts his own integrity into serious question. On one hand Obama is a member of AIPAC, the umbrella group for the Israel’s powerful foreign lobby in the United States.

On the other hand he worked for the Wood’s Fund which funded anti-Israel art exhibits, dinners, and events. Recipients of Wood’s Fund grants refer to the 1948 founding of Israel as “The Catastrophe,” and defend suicide bombings against Israel.

Obama has also received campaigned donations by the radical Palestinians in Chicago, whom he helped through the Wood’s Fund.

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