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Race Riots in Denmark! Media Blackout. News Team

Denmark saw it’s 5th consecutive night of widespread riots, arsons, and anti-violence by immigrant gangs. Few outside of Denmark have even heard about what is going on.

Thugs, mostly the children of North African and Sub-Sahara African immigrants, have been on a vandalism and arson spree in several cities. When police and firefighters respond they are attacked by the gangs.

France has seen weekly race riots for two years now and they are spreading across Western Europe. Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, England, and Holland have also seen race riots. Widespread violence against white people has occurred in Scandinavia and Italy as well, with immigrants minorities committing the majority of crime in many cities.

The media almost always calls the perpetrators “youths,” and never shows pictures of the people arrested.The media, especially the US media, goes to great lengths to conceal the explicit racial nature of the rioting.

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