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Ron Paul watch. Obama may beat Clinton. News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

Look for sizable vote totals for Ron Paul in Alaska, Minnesota, and Montana.  The Ron Paul revolution may not be dead. was right. Blacks voting in record numbers and as a monolith for Obama.

Blacks appear to be voting for Obama by as much as 90% in some states. There has also been record black turnout from across the country.

Earlier I predicted that Obama would sweep the south (except for Florida and Tennessee), Virginia, Maryland, DC, Puerto Rico, and will probably win Illinois and New Jersey. I also said he’d do good among white liberals in states with very few blacks (as was the case in Iowa.)

So far Obama looks to win South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Delaware, Kansas, Illinois, North Dakota, Idaho, Minnesota, and Iowa. He is neck and neck with Clinton in New Jersey and Connecticut in exit polls. All states with a percentage of blacks that is way over or way under the national average.

It appears Obama will lose big in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Florida. These are states who’s average numbers of blacks is near the national average.

Let me repeat. In states with very few or very large amounts of blacks, Obama tends to win by a large margin. In states with an average amount of blacks, Obama does poorly!

This could be the most polarized Democratic primary in decades.