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Ron Paul's delegates. Continued 2008 Election Coverage

Members of the Ron Paul campaign say reports by the media that Paul has 16 or fewer delegates are untrue. (Some media outlets are reporting that he has only 4 or 6, while CNN reports that he has 16 so far.)

According to campaign members, Ron Paul will receive.

4 from Iowa
8 from Nevada
3 from Louisiana
3 from Maine
9 from Minnesota
3 from Alaska
4 from Colorado
3 from West Virginia
5 from North Dakota

total of 42 prior to Feb. 9th. does not make any claim that the information above is 100% accurate. These are totals given by Paul staff members.

In addition they say that Paul will receive several from Washington. Many states, such as Louisiana, West Virginia, Washington, and others have extremely complex rules with multiple parts spread over weeks or months. Vote totals in caucuses or primaries will not necessarily match who gets the most delegates in that state.