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The Obama Riot Factor

douglas_wilder_2003_nih.jpgBy: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Photo Right: Douglas Wilder first “American-American” elected governor of a state.

With the obvious exception of 1968 the American electoral scene has been spared the violence that nations like Pakistan are accustomed to come election time. Even after the turmoil of the 2000 recount the transfer of power ran smoothly and George Bush didn’t face the riots that greeted the election of Nicholas Sarkozy in last year’s French presidential election. In 2008 however the specter of violence has been rearing its ugly head with the candidacy of Barack Obama and the competitive Democratic presidential primary.

The first instance of the specter of violence emerging was raised by Barack Obama himself in a speech to a predominantly black audience at Hampton University on June 5, 2007. In the company of his radical minister, Jeremiah Wright, Obama raised the specter of the 1992 Los Angeles riots multiple times while addressing the disconnect between America and it’s black citizens. Obama apologists, like CNN’s Roland Martin, were quick to dismiss criticism of the speech with the simple point that Obama was only pointing out the feelings among black Americans. What goes unaddressed is the painfully obvious point that conventional wisdom among blacks is that the LA riots were justified by the refusal to convict the officers who arrested Rodney King. While a far cry from Malcom X and Stokley Carmichael it was a chilling moment for those not under the Obama spell.

All seemed to be quiet on the Western Front and the ghoul of quiet riots failed to reappear as until January 3 in Iowa it seemed that Hillary Clinton would squash Obama’s candidacy. In the wake of the racially charged South Carolina primary and the stalemated Democratic nomination contest however former Virginia governor and Richmond mayor Douglas Wilder made a drastic threat on CBS with Bob Schiefer. Wilder proclaimed “If the superdelegates intervene and get in the way of it, and say, `Oh, no, we’re going to determine what’s best,’ there will be chaos at the convention…. And if you think 1968 was bad, you watch: 2008 will be worse.”

This is not Kenya my friends, though with rhetoric like this one wouldn’t know the difference. Between Che Guevera flags and this messianic cult of personality Obama and his supporters are showing as much political civility as the citizens of Paris prior to the Bastille. We are entering a new era in American politics akin to that outlined by Tom Chittum in “Civil War 2.” An era that is seeing ethnic tensions boiling over as a result of our social policies since the 1960’s and the Third World invasion from Latin America. Political disputes are to be settled by the mob and will be a mark of America’s decline unless we stop this thing in its tracks. Whether we can or not is up to every single red blooded American who loves this country and is willing to stop our recession into a dark and ugly future.