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Two radical anti-white black women seeking Green Party nomination. News Team

Can well-liked consumer advocate Ralph Nader survive the riff raff in his own party?

What happens when a fringe 3rd party campaigns on pro-gay marriage, mandatory homosexual studies in school at an “earliest appropriate time,” says welfare is a “right of those presently in need,” calls for the “restoration of all federal entitlement programs” with “no time limit on benefits,” says that it is your right to receive a “secure standard of living” from the government, calls for “negative income tax” that would give out free money to low earners at the great expense of higher earners? Oh, did I mention that their platform also calls for a smaller work week, with free government paid for yoga, tai chi, qigong, and biofeedback classes. (What the heck is gigong and biofeedback?!?)

This year, Ralph Nader has competition. Disgraced former US Rep from Georgia Cynthia as well as former Black Panther Chairwoman Elaine Brown are both competing with Nader. McKinney maintains close ties with Khallid Muhammed’s extreme anti-white “New Black Panther Party” and lost a re-election bid after a white police officer reported that she punched him during a traffic stop. Elaine Brown is a Marxist, who some claim was involved in the murder of another female Black Panther during the 70’s.

What is even more shocking is there are actually Green Party members who wants McKinney or Brown. On Feb. 5th, the Green Party participated in primaries in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Massachusetts.

The Green party will also be participating in the nomination process in DC, Wisconsin, West Virgina, and Pennsylvania.

So far, Nader won in California. McKinney won in Arkansas and Illinois. Massachusetts is up in the air, because they were erroneously left off the ballot in some parts of the state. Elaine Brown dropped out after Feb. 5th according to one report.

A total of 21 states will participate. The rest will have mail in party ballots or state conventions. McKinney could