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Victims in Kirkwood Race War. News Team

Except for talk radio most of the nations media is claiming that Thorton’s motivation was “a grudge.” None dare mention that his racial motivations.

Two brothers and the mother of the brutal killer have all shocked reporters by making statements blaming white authority figures for Thorton’s deadly rampage. Thorton blamed the city officials and police of “racism” and “discrimination” for years because they ticketed him repeatedly for being an unlicensed contractor. On of Thorton’s brothers’ said “he went to war.” Well, we know what kind of war he went on.

Pictured Below in this order.
Connie Karr, former City Council member and candidate for Mayor.
Police Sgt. Bill Biggs
Officer Tom Ballman.
Kirkwood City Council Mike Lynch
Public Works Director Ken Yost

The mayor is also in critical condition.