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10% of US inmates are illegals! News Team

Congress withholds money from Homeland Security meant to speed up deportations. 

A new study shows that about 10% of all inmates in the United States are illegal aliens eligible for deportation.  The incarceration of these thugs is costing US taxpayers many Billions a year. This does not even count the vast numbers of immigrants who commit crimes, but are in the US legally!

For years ICE has drug it’s feet claiming it was too expensive to deport the thugs. Ignoring how much more incarceration costs not to mention the toll on victims of crimes by illegal aliens. (More people are killed by illegal aliens each year than all the people who died in 9/11.)

In 2007 only 95,000 illegal aliens with criminal histories were actually deported. Despite the fact that between 300,000 to 450,000 are currently incarcerated and hundreds of thousands more have already been released from jails and prisons to commit more crimes.

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