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Affirmative Action vote in five states! News Team

Michigan style Affirmative Action bans could be on the ballot in five states.

Following victories in California, Washington, and Michigan, foes of Affirmative Action are hoping for a five state blitz this year. Petitions have been collected for ballot initiatives in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. In 2006, a ballot initiative banning race-based college admission and race-based government practices passed in Michigan with 58%. In the same election numerous Republicans, who refused to support the initiative, lost their seats to Democrats.

Also in Michigan, Left-wing Marxist and radical black power activist committed numerous acts of violence and vandalism leading up to the vote. The left-wing from across the country poured money into Michigan to fight the initiative. Proponents of Affirmative Action outspent opponents by at least ten fold. Newspapers in Michigan published fake polls claiming the initiative would fail by a landslide.

It has been over ten years since the California initiative passed with 54% of the vote and since then black graduation rates have skyrocketed. Before, elite schools were putting large numbers of unqualified blacks into their schools who were flunking out. Now, blacks are enrolling into schools their are more suited for and graduating in far higher numbers. The overall percentage of blacks attending college has never dropped.

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