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Black community defends accused rapist/murderer despite overwhelming evidence. News Team

Black hatred of white people has reached mind boggling levels in Detroit. (by Kyle Rogers)

Laura Dickenson was a beautiful college student who was savagely sexually assaulted and murdered in her dorm room. She was found partially naked on the floor with a pillow over her face. She exhibited clear evidence of having been raped before she was killed.

Orange Taylor, a predatory thug who is black, was captured on camera breaking into the dormitory and his semen was found on the girl’s body. Fibers from Orange’s clothes were found on the pillow. During the first trial, Orange’s lawyer argued that he broke into the dorm, broke into her room, but found her already dead. Then he “pleasured” himself with the girl’s corpse.

Two black jurors, motivated by a hatred of white people, refused the convict Orange. The other ten jurors were white and all voted too convict. Several jurors expressed outrage and one female juror cried when they described to reporters what had transpired.

vigilforsavage.jpgNow a retrial is about to begin and a large group of black people actually demonstrated in support of the vicious demented thug, claiming he is innocent. Such an abdominal act can only be explained by the deep seated and irrational hatred of white people held by many members of the black community.