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Black students slaughtering each other in Chicago. News Team

While decreasing birthrates have lower the overall percentage of murders nationwide, killings among young people are as high as ever. Especially urban areas with large numbers of blacks.

From AP…

Since September, 20 Chicago Public Schools students have been killed, 18 by gunfire. Last school year, 24 of the more than 30 students killed were shot to death, compared with between 10 and 15 fatal shootings in the years before.

“The loss of life that we’ve seen among our young people is … devastating,” said school district spokesman Michael Vaughn. “This gun nonsense has reached a crisis level.”

Dramatic increase

The number of violent deaths involving students in the nation’s third-largest school district has increased so dramatically in the last two years that police are increasing school patrols and soon will be the first department in the country with live access to thousands of security cameras mounted outside — and inside — schools.

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