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CNN: "Racial Animosity" behind LA killings. News Team

Just more of the benefits of open borders and diversity.

Several blacks have been shot or critically wounded in the past three weeks by Hispanic gang members. One of the victims is only six.

Random racially motivated killings are becoming more common in LA all the time.

From CNN…

“There’s no denying that some of the crime in this city is a direct result of hatred, animosity, racial animosity, ethnic differences,” Bratton said. “We must all work to the best of our ability to try to prevent that.”

“None of it is right,” said Garner. “We can’t get so incensed that we lose focus that it’s going on on both sides.”

He added, “Wrong is wrong.”

The killing of Shaw has rallied his neighborhood. Dozens of people gathered outside his home for a vigil last week and placed candles, flowers and blue-and-white balloons at a makeshift memorial. One sign read, “We love you! Jamiel Shaw.”

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