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College student savagely murdered. News Team

The popular student body president at Carolina was found murdered on Wednesday morning and the case is still under investigation, as police look for a suspect seen in ATM surveillance photos.

Carson was class valedictorian, student body president, and National Honor Society president at her hometown high school in Athens, Clarke Central High School.

The newspaper reported that Miss Carson was certainly popular at her school and that everyone wanted to be around her due to her outgoing personality. She turned down many Ivy League schools to attend UNC, where she made a name for herself by volunteering in South America and Africa and later being elected student body president.

thugwithatm.jpgIn the Atlanta newspaper report, Buddy Sims, Eve’s biology teacher at high school, said that she was “one of a kind.”

“Eve,” he said, “is a person who not only wanted to make a difference in the world, but who would have made a difference in the world.”

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