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Condi Rice's and Obama's Attitude is The Real Birth Defect

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

In a nation that has gone from thirteen British outposts to the most prosperous Republic on Earth we have much to be proud of. Don’t mention that to Barack Obama and Bushbot Condoleeza Rice though because they’re entire view on America is a warped and perverted view that would make all true patriots cringe. To Obama and Rice the true story of America is the black story of overcoming “oppression” and availing themselves of the opportunities in this land. We see in these two public figures the coming Balkanization of our land as they are merely articulating the voice of the inner city for all of us to hear.

Since the 1960’s we have seen the mainstreaming of black nationalism and radicalism that has written for itself a different history of America. Unfortunately for the rest of us that history is now the curriculum in public schools as any reading of the normal US History textbook will tell you. Gone are the stories of Robert E. Lee and our Founding Fathers. Instead we are only taught about the Underground Railroad, Martin Luther King, and the Civil Rights Movement. It is this indoctrination that has seen so many naive college kids embrace the candidacy of Barack Obama to prove the point that America is beyond race despite that the same kids would be prime candidates for mugging should they venture into the wrong neighborhood.

That Rice isn’t being called on to resign despite the lynching of Trent Lott and the condemnation of Geraldine Ferraro is representative as to how bad a state public opinion is in. It is outrageous to praise a 100 year old man at his birthday but it’s ok to say America has a birth defect since it’s birth. And all of this from a so called Republican. It is Condoleeza Rice’s attitude that is the real birth defect. Thank heavan she’s only around for a few more months.