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Detroit Mayor faces felony charges. News Team

Once hailed as one of America’s greatest black mayors, Kwame Kilpatrick now faces felony charges. Hey, he’s still a better mayor than Ray Nagin or Marion Barry!


Kilpatrick, who is married, has been snarled in a well-publicized sex scandal since January after The Detroit Free Press reported he exchanged romantic text messages with his then-chief of staff, Christine Beatty.

The Detroit Free Press reported in January that in an analysis of nearly 14,000 text messages on Beatty’s city-issued pager, it found some from 2002 and 2003 that indicated the two were having a romantic affair.

The newspaper report contradicted testimony Kilpatrick gave last August in a court case brought by police officers against the mayor and the city of Detroit alleging the mayor retaliated against the officers for their role in investigating his office. Critics alleged that Kilpatrick committed perjury in the case and called for his resignation.

In testimony during that case, Kilpatrick and Beatty both denied having a romantic relationship.

Prosecutor Kym Worthy said that “even children understand that lying is wrong. Witnesses must give truthful testimony.”

Worthy said she will seek perjury, official misconduct and obstruction of justice charges.

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