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Hillary fails to gain substantial win in Texas.

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At one time it was taken for granted that Hillary Clinton would win big in Texas. Now, after a long loser streak, her momentum has dwindled. Hillary barely eeked out a 51% victory and may have even lost the caucus portion.

This despite the fact that 67% of Hispanic voters in the Democratic primary voted Hillary. Blacks voted Obama by 85%. However Blacks came out in force. Texas is 12% black, but 19% of Democratic Primary voters were black.

Texas is at least 28% Hispanic, and probably much higher than that. Hispanics made up 34% of voters in the Democratic Primary.

Despite massive pandering over the years to Hispanics by both McCain and Huckabee, very few Hispanics voted for either. About 955,000 Hispanics voted in the Democratic Primary, while only about 131,000 voted in the Republican Primary. The evidence shows that Republicans who pander to Hispanics and support amnesty gain no votes from Hispanics. They only alienate white voters.

White accounted for 44% of Democratic Primary voters and voted Clinton by about 58%.

Clinton also won Ohio and Rhode Island, while Obama won Vermont. Texas had a Democratic Primary and Caucus on the same day. With 36% of the caucus results in for Texas, Obama has a slight lead. With Clinton and Obama likely to split Texas delegate evenly, a battle on the convention floor may now be inevitable.