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Immigration Bill Confrontation in Congress

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Well with the presidential race looking like much like three headed hound Cerebrus it is hard not to become disgusted with the whole lot in DC. However there is at this time some effort being made in Congress to attempt to get around the obstruction by far leftist Speaker Nancy Pelosi to act upon America’s immigration crisis. Catering to the pro amnesty/open borders Hispanic caucus has been so bad under Pelosi as she can’t even bring herself to say the words illegal alien, instead opting for undocumented worker. Fortunately enough Congressmen have rallied around the SAVE Act and are attempting to force an up or down vote.

I won’t kid you about it’s chances as Democrats will gladly trample over everything good and Godly then offend Hispanics or any minority group for that matter. And all too many Republicans have sold out to Big Business and are eager to run cover for John McCain on an issue where he has deeply rooted troubles with the vast majority of Americans. It is however a chance to send the folks in DC a message that we want action and amnesty simply doesn’t cut it. All of our members should contact their Congressman and urge them to sign the discharge position for the Save Act. Simply click on the link below and it will direct you to your Congressman’s contact information and urge them to stand up for our country and people by cracking down on immigration.

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