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Immigration = Racial Conflict says Black Pastor. News Team

Conservative Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson spoke in Indiana on immigration, where lawmakers are dragging their feet on legislation aimed at curbing illegals in the state.

Peterson spoke of his experience in Los Angeles, where Hispanic immigration has led to a multitude of problems for blacks.

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Growing Black/Hispanic animosity spills over into Democratic primary.


Shortly before the Texas primary, 84-year-old Clinton supporter Adelfa Callejo told CBS 11 News in Dallas, Texas, that Obama would have trouble attracting Latino support because he was African-American.

“When blacks had the numbers, they didn’t do anything to support us,” Callejo said. “They always used our numbers to fulfill their goals and objectives, but they never really supported us, and there’s a lot of hard feelings about that. I don’t think we’re going to get over it anytime soon.”

Last month, when Clinton was asked whether she would reject and denounce Callejo’s remarks, she said, “People get to express their opinions,” adding that “a lot of folks have said really unpleasant things about me over the course of this campaign.”

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