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Integration has failed in Israel says Ethiopian leaders. News Team

Efforts to integrate Ethiopian immigrants in Israel have failed, say leaders of the Ethiopian community who now demand segregated schools.

From Haaretz…

The children at the Hadarim elementary school in Rehovot have been busy with more than Purim celebrations over the past few days. Tomorrow, in the presence of President Shimon Peres, the school is to be renamed after Ethiopian Jewish leader Yona Bugala, who died 20 years ago.

The plaque to be placed at the entrance to the school, whose student body is 75 percent Ethiopian, describes Bugala as “leader, educator and spiritual father of the Ethiopian community.”

Ethiopian community activists say the school proves the success of a homogenous student body. “Integration has failed,” Roni Akela, head of the educational association Fidel, says. “Forcing integration on students who can’t manage with it and don’t want it only leads to dropouts. We must think differently. Integration is not a sacred concept,” he added.

Akela has been working this year toward expanding what he calls the “Hadarim model” to schools in Netanya and Petah Tikva with high numbers of Ethiopian students.

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