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Leftist Democrats Fighting to Sabotage Immigration Enforcement

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Far left Democrats are at it again trying to promote amnesty on Capitol Hill. Despite the overwhelming outcry last summer that saw amnesty defeated twice, and then the DREAM Act go down in the fall, some on Capitol Hill are determined to pass amnesty before the upcoming election. While a bipartisan coalition of Republicans and Democrats have rallied around the SAVE Act, a bill that would crackdown hard on illegal aliens and those who hire them, the Hispanic caucus chairman Joe Baca is set to throw rotten fruit in the punch bowl with an amnedment designed to give amnesty.

The Baca Amendment to the SAVE Act would give all illegal aliens in the country a 5 year work pass which would allow them to stay and work legally while also shielding the businesses that hire illegals. Apparently Nancy Pelosi is nervous that so many Democrats have joined in sponsoring the bill that she is sending her Hispanic lapdog, Joe Baca, to attach an amendment to kill the last meaningful chance for immigration enforcement before the fall election. This ought not to be tolerated and pressure should be put on all the Congressmen and Senators to push for this bill to be put to a vote while at the same time defeating this amendment for giving amnesty.

It’s the sad truth that our opponents will not stop fighting to give amnesty to our Third World invaders unless there is a grassroots rebellion that ousts them from office. To do so requires focus, action, and committment on all of our parts. In this matter I urge each of you to contact your Senators and Congressmen to demand that they enforce the laws of the land and deport the invaders from our national home. Lastly be sure and get involved in your state legislative elections this fall. Arizona, Georgia, and Oklahoma have already passed hardline state intitiatives that are proving successful in combating the invasion. Indiana, South Carolina, and other states have measures pending. Be sure your state joins the list of those reclaiming this land for it’s rightful owners as block by block, county by county, and state by state we take our country back.