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Leftists sulk as BNP grows and grows. News Team

After failed attempts to jail it’s leaders on “hate speech” charges, and years of nationwide anti-BNP propaganda in the media, British leftists sulk as the BNP continues to grow. An editorial in the UK Times the sites the decline of the UK Independant party, the refusal of the Conservative Party to talk about immigration, and the lack of other parties seeking the protest vote.

“The BNP will have its triumph in London” – UK Times

From UK Times Editorial Page…

The second factor is that the BNP has improved its organisation. The in-house feuding has not prevented the BNP from honing a much more sophisticated approach to campaigning. The quality of its leaflets has improved, there have been instances of it engaging in telephone canvassing and reports of more “mystery shopping” where its activists blitz an area to market test the public reaction to the party and then determine whether it is worth fielding a candidate.

The final dimension is the most significant. The optimal conditions for the BNP are where there are substantial numbers of disillusioned ex-Labour supporters and a Conservative Party that is wary of concentrating on subjects such as asylum-seekers because it wants to appeal to mainstream metropolitan opinion. It is also a bonus for the BNP if the Liberal Democrats look more centrist and are not indulging in populism to chase the protest vote. These are precisely the political circumstances that will be at play in the local elections of 2008, especially in London.

The main constraint on the BNP in London is how well it can stretch its limited resources. It won 4.8 per cent of the assembly vote in 2004 even with UKIP in the frame. If it can win anything close to double that this time, then regardless of whether it is Mayor Ken or Mayor Boris, it will be the BNP that provides the shock of this election.

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