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MLK Bombshell! Major King ally breaks 40 years of silence. News Team

John Watkins was a “civil rights leader,” friend, and ally of Martin Luther King, Jr. He organized a speaking engagement for MLK days before he was killed. In 2000, he published a book about MLK. Just days ago, he told a reporter for the Augusta Chronicle what he didn’t include in his book. MLK planned to propose that blacks be given their own state.

From the Augusta Chronicle…

Dr. King’s death also stopped him from carrying through on a plan that would have charted a new and highly controversial course for the civil rights movement, according to Mr. Watkins. In his book, he wrote that Dr. King shared his frustrations about the economic inequities blacks faced in America over dinner at a hotel after his speech. He then whispered to Mr. Watkins what he hoped to eventually do, something the former Augustan decided not to put in his book.

But after 40 years of secrecy, and initially saying he would probably take it to his grave, he revealed what it was: Dr. King was going to propose a separate state for blacks so they could eventually achieve economic parity that he believed wouldn’t happen on its own in America.

“It nearly scared me to death,” Mr. Watkins wrote of the idea.

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