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No Health Insurance? Face Fines News Team…


Another Forced Program like; Forced Auto Insurance, Forced Integration, Forced Busing, Forced Taxation, Forced Diversity Programs in the workplace, Forced Religion of Political Correctness.

Massachusetts has begun imposing stiff fines on residents who, for whatever reason, fail to purchase health insurance. The program is the enforcement end of the state’s universal health-insurance plan – and the fees reach up to $912 a year.

The state health-insurance initiative, signed into law by former Gov. Mitt Romney, has been compared to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s national universal health-care plan – especially on the enforcement side.

“The Massachusetts universal coverage plan is overregulated and largely unworkable,” said Devon Herrick,, senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis. “The least expensive plan would cost a 37-year-old male resident of Massachusetts $196 a month, and a fine for not having insurance could run half of that, or $98 a month. The same 37-year-old living in Dallas could buy coverage for $98 per month.”

The 2-year-old program is already $147 million in the red, and the four carriers that provide the subsidized insurance estimate costs rising by 14 percent in the next year.

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