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Obama's connections to "slavery reparations" movement. News Team

Obama has deep ties to the “slavery reparations” movement. Proponents of “slavery reparations” argue that America should pay money to blacks since they were used as slave labor. Proponents ignore that American blacks have the highest standard of living of any black people in the world, and should be extremely thankful they are lucky even to be living in the US.

Proponents of “slavery reparations” also blame past slavery and segregation for the extremely high rate of dead-beat dads and crime in among blacks. They ignore that the black crime rates were much lower in the US before segregation ended. They also ignore that a far higher percentage of black children were born to married couples before segregation ended.

In 1900, 75% of black children were born to two parent homes. Today, 70% are born to single mothers. Read Black Family Secrets.

8 page report on Obama’s ties to “slavery reparations” leaders.