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Obamination: Obama's official website links to violent extremism. News Team

Extremism and violent anti-white rhetoric are rampant in the black community. It has even made it’s way onto the official Barack Obama for President website.

The official Barack Obama 2008 website posted a link to the “New Black Panther Party.” This is a splinter group of the Nation of Islam. They preach extremely violent rhetoric. Khallid Muhammed, who was demoted from a leadership position in the Nation of Islam for being too radical, helped found the group was their leader until he died in 2001.

Watch this 1996 video of New Black Panther Party founder and “Black Power General” Dr. Khallid Muhammed. If Obama supports Khallid Muhammed, he wouldn’t be the only big name black figure. Al Sharpton, US Rep. Keith Ellison, and former US Rep. Cynthia McKinney have all publicly supported and defended Dr. Khallid Muhammed. He has also been publicly supported by a host of black celebrities such as Ice Cube, Ice T, Queen Latifah, Puff Daddy, Shaquille O’Neal, Eddie George, and many others. and the Citizen’s Informer newspaper has documented the mainstream black communities support for Khallid Muhammed in the past.

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