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South America on the brink of war! News Team

Venezuela, and Ecuador mass troops and tanks along the border of Columbia. Hugo Chavez calls Columbian the “Israel of South America.” Columbia is a major US ally in the region, and one of several countries that could be ripe for a break up.

Here is what has happened.

Columbia accuses Venezuela and Ecuador of providing safe heavens for FARC Marxist guerillas and sponsoring terrorist attacks in Columbia.

Columbian military personel crossed into Ecuador to kill a major leader of FARC.

Venezuela and Ecuador have scaled back diplomatic relations and are mobilizing their militarizes for possible war.

Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela called the president of Columbia a “dracula” and a referred to Columbia as the “Israel of South America,” and subservient to the “US empire.” Chavez stated on tv yesterday, “We have to liberate Columbia.”

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