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Trial Underway for Victim of Black Terrorist Youths News Team…


Where are the Hate Crime charges?

A woman who was severely beaten last year on a city bus told a juvenile court judge yesterday that she could identify only one of the teens accused of attacking her over an empty seat. Nine students at Robert Poole Middle School have been accused of beating Sarah Kreager, 26, and her boyfriend, Troy Ennis, aboard a bus in Hampden in December.

One student has admitted her role in the attack, and cases against five began yesterday after more than a month of motions. Cases against the other three alleged assailants have been delayed and could be dismissed, according to court records.

Kreager, the first witness, said that 20 to 30 students poured out of the bus, many of them advancing on her. But in photo arrays viewed weeks after the attack, Kreager said she could only identify with “100 percent confidence” the girl she says started it all: Nakita McDaniels.

She said she couldn’t point out McDaniels in the courtroom because she couldn’t see that far. About 30 feet separated them. She has previously said that the attack left her with blurred vision.

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