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ADL calls for Internet Censorship. News Team

The radical far-left Anti-Defamation League, which publishes internet censorship software, has come out in the open about it’s desire to censor the internet.

The ADL already publishes internet censoring “filters,” which the CofCC filed a lawsuit to keep public libraries from using.

ADL Internet Task Force Chief Christopher Wolf says “it’s time for Internet companies to set boundaries.”

Wolf argues that since some Muslims become violent over pictures of Muhammed or historically accurate statements about the life of Muhammed, everyone’s right to free speech should be curtailed. Left-wing outfits like the ADL would get to decide which speech is ok and which is not.

On it’s internet website, the ADL brags that it’s participation in the Supreme Court case to ban prayer in public schools is “one of our greatest accomplishments.” The same organization viciously attacked Mel Gibson for months prior to the release of his movie Passion of the Christ.