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Austrian politician arrested for making truthful statements about Islam. News Team

The Pedophile Creed of Islam.

(by Kyle Rogers)

In Austria, “artists” have won prizes for making anti-Christian paintings and depicting Jesus Christ as a homosexual. However, Austrian Freedom Party candidate Suzanne Winter has been arrested and faces two years in prison for “thought crimes” because she made truthful, historically accurate statements about Islam. The actual charge is called “incitement and degradation of religious symbols.”

Winters stated in a speech that the Islamic Prophet Muhammad would be considered a child molester under Austrian law because at age 53 he took a 6 year old girl named A’isha as his third wife and began having sex with her when she was nine.

Islam’s holy books collaborate this claim and historically Islamic counties have placed the age at which little girls can be “married” off by their parents at 9. In Iran, the age of 9 was still the law up until 2002. Marrying off daughters at age 9 was practiced by the Taliban in Afghanistan and is still practiced by Islamic societies in rural areas of the Islamic world.

That Muhammad married a six year old at age 53 is collaborated by historical events. Muhammad died in 632 or 633 AD at age 63. Later A’isha participated in a war that erupted across Iraq and Syria over who would be the Caliph of all Muslims, starting the schism between Sunni and Shia. In 656 A’isha along with other male Muslim leaders attacked the Shia forces outside of Basra in what is known as the “Battle of the Camel.” Historical accounts of A’isha’s age at the time of the battle collaborated that she was at or near the age of 6 when she was married to Muhammad.

In modern Muslim theological works, the age of 6 and 9 are repeated over and over. Historically Muslims have never denied that Muhammad took a six year old girl to be his third wife.

As a side note. Many Muslim texts describe A’isha as Muhammad’s “favorite wife.” According to Islamic texts Muhammad took eight other wives after A’isha and also had sex with other women besides his three wives.

Some Western Muslims, seeking to paint Islam in a more positive light, claim that she was not 6 when Muhammad “married” her. However, even they must admit that the historical timeline does not allow the age to be more than a few years off. Even Islam’s most sacred “Hadiths,” accounts of Muhammad’s life, repeat the claim over and over. The Sahih al-Bukhar, the most sacred of the Hadiths, claims that Muhammad had the sexual prowess of 30 men. A’isha died in 678 AD., 46 years after Muhammad’s 63rd birthday.