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Hispanic Obama supporter denounced as "racist" loses position as delegate. News Team

Persecution of Hispanic open borders advocate highlights growing animosity between blacks and Hispanics even within the ranks of the Democratic party.

An Obama delegate is fined $75 by local police, forced to give up her position as a delegate to the Democratic Convention, and vilified as a racist for being concerned about a black neighbors children.

A Hispanic Obama supporter who was slated to represent Obama at the National Convention, was actually fined $75 by out of control local police because she told some black children in her neighborhood not to play in a tree.

The Hispanic woman told the children, “quit playing in the tree like monkeys.” The mother of the children called police and claimed “monkey” was a “racial slur.” Police actually fined the women $75. A move that most Americans would consider to be a gross violation of the Constitution.

Then, when word got out, blacks in the Democratic party howled that she be stripped of her position as a delegate. The Obama campaign “persuaded” her to step down and released an official statement saying that use of the word monkey was “divisive and unacceptable.”

The woman is a village trustee of Carpentersville, IL, a 40% Hispanic area. She has stated that she will not run for re-election after being denounced as a racist.