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Italian right-wing surges over illegal immigration. News Team

The Italian National Alliance, a strong Conservative party, is surging in popularity due to a rising tide of anger of the illegal immigration into Italy. The Italian and International press viciously slanders the party as they do other conservatives throughout Europe and the United States.

From UK Independant…

Rome has been a citadel of the centre-left for the past 15 years and, under Mr Rutelli and Mr Veltroni, the city has prospered, seeing a 10 per cent rise in tourists per year, work on new subway lines, a film festival and an auditorium complex that sells more tickets than any other in the world. But while Rome’s left-leaning chatteratti have few complaints, outside the city’s gilded centre the problems have been piling up.

Feeble policing and laissez-faire policies on the city’s outskirts have resulted in urban degradation and the mushrooming of shanty towns of illegal immigrants. Crime levels remain low but the mugging murder of a housewife by a gypsy last year sparked a backlash against immigrants, particularly aimed at Romanian gypsies.

As mayor at the time, Mr Veltroni tried to defuse the panic by demanding an emergency law to expel immigrants from within the EU without legal process. The law was passed by the national government, led by Romano Prodi but with so many caveats that it has not done the job intended.

The Italian National Alliance is a member of the conservative Union of Europe of the Nations, one of three small right-wing groupings in the EU. The Italian League of the North, a secessionist party, is also a member. Ireland’s largest political party Fianna Fail, the Danish People’s party, two Polish parties, two Lithuanian parties, and a Latvian party are also members.

Another strong grouping, The Identity, Tradition, and Sovereignty grouping, contains the Flemish secessionist party Vlaams Belang and the French National Front. Members of the CofCC board of directors have met with leadership of both parties in the DC area in the recent past.