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Message from webmaster. News Team

Over the past week many people using Microsoft Explorer experienced problems. The website either froze up your browser or you received messages about possible spyware.

If you used Firefox, everything worked fine. On April 22th, an automated computer program added malicious lines of code to some of the website files. This code affect the Microsoft Explorer browser. The program used against the website exploited security holes in our photo gallery, coppermine. Other uses of coppermine have reported experiencing the same malicious “hack.”

As a result of re-occurring security issues with the coppermine gallery, we are discontinuing to use it. A new more secure gallery is being built. The core software used by is updated every 3 months to fix any potential security threats. We will be doing away with the remaining external software left over from our old website that could be vulnerable to new types of security threats.

If you have any problems viewing the website in the future, please e-mail