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Mulatto grammy winner says white people invented "ganster rap" so blacks would kill each other. News Team

Rich and famous, half white, yet still hates all white people.

Alicia Keys, who’s mother is white and father is Jamaican, says that “gangster rap” is an anti-black conspiracy by the white man.

Keys says that blacks wouldn’t be murdering each other had it not been for whites pressuring blacks to form “gangster rap” bands. However, she does not explain why the black murder rate was just as high before the advent of “gangster rap” as it is now. She also leaves out the fact that much of “gangster rap” music is about murdering white people.

She also says that she wants to promote the Black Panther Party in her music. She also wears an AK-47 necklace which she says stands for “strength, power and killing ’em dead.”

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