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NAACP coddling of predatory criminals too much for some blacks to take. News Team

A while back, reported that a group of teenage blacks near Palm Beach, Florida attacked a single mother from Haiti, raped her, sodomized her, tortured her, and then forced her pre-teen son to have sex with her while they watched.

Al Sharpton and the local NAACP actually defended the brutal attackers by calling them victims of “racial discrimination.” Al Sharpton and the NAACP truly have no decency.

Sharpton’s attitude was more than some black women could bear. These women began a letter-writing campaign condemning the NAACP and Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

From Palm Beach Post…

The outrage of black women like Fenton has made its mark.

Lee, in a letter this week to the Florida State Conference of the NAACP, left out any mention of the Dunbar Village attack suspects as voiceless victims who should be given the same bond as the suburban Boca Raton teenagers.

She recast her involvement to say it was only to “call for fair and just treatment in all phases of the criminal justice system” for the Dunbar Village defendants.

Sharpton, who spoke with Fenton and Weathersbee on his radio show this week, now claims he never wanted the Dunbar rape suspects to be free pending trial.

The women bloggers take all this backpedaling as a victory.

“Let this be the alarm for any man, woman or organization that decides to align itself with those who harm Black women and children – today is a new day,” blogged Tanisha Mathis. “Today is the day you realize we are an omnipresent force to be reckoned with and respected.”

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