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Sharpton to Obama: Stop Condemning Violence! News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

Al Sharpton shows his true colors.

Sharpton has been rabble rousing blacks in New York City for months over the police self-defense shooting of Sean Bell by black police officers at a strip club. Bell and others were inside a strip club and one yelled out “yo, get my gun so I can kill this dumb white bitch.” The black thugs then went out to their car. A group of undercover police officers in plain clothes followed them to their car and called for back up.

Outside the group of thugs were confronted with five police officers. Two of them white and three of them black. When Bell was ordered to put his hands up, he instead used his car as a weapon to attack the police. Bell was killed and two of his friends were wounded in self-defense by the police.

Sean Bell is also a suspect in a shooting during a drug deal in which a drug dealer was wounded.

Three of the five officers were put on trial and acquitted of any wrongdoing. Since blacks have a history of starting deadly riots in the aftermath of such situations, Obama issued a statement saying that “resorting to violence to express displeasure” is “completely unacceptable and counterproductive.”

Al Sharpton, who has been capitalizing on the event for months, attacked Obama for his statements. He accused Obama of trying to “grandstand in front of white people.”

It is likely that Al Sharpton hopes that blacks will riot, providing him with job security for his lucrative race hustling. It has also come to light that Sharpton paid witnesses money to collaborate his version of the night’s events.