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Suspect in Christian & Newsom murders taunts family members. News Team

Eric Boyd is charged with being an accessory to the brutal racially motivated murders of a young white couple. Christopher Newsom, the male victim, was gang sodomized, tortured, murdered, then his corpse was mutilated. Channon Christian, the female victim, was held captive for days and was repeatedly gang raped and tortured. She was eventually killed and her body was hacked into pieces.

The horrific news story was largely concealed by the press until websites such as made a big deal about it. Then, of the few media outlets outside of Knoxville who did report it, many claimed that parts of the story were “fabrications” of “racist websites.” One major newspaper was so careless they claimed that torture did not happen and the bodies were not mutilated. Then further down in the article it stated that Christian’s body was found in multiple trash bags. The media also tried to downplay the sickening crimes by calling it a “car-jacking gone bad” even though their car was not even stolen.

In the end, the gory details were substantiated by the local authorities and the District Attorney.

Jury selection has begun and Eric Boyd mocked the victims’ family members by telling them to “bring it on” twice. Eric Boyd’s lawyers are shamelessly playing the race card, claiming that he was not involved and only charged because he is black.

How about admitting just once that Christian & Newsom were only raped, tortured, killed, and mutilated because they were white?

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