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1,000 dead this year in Mexico's drug war. News Team

It’s practically a civil war next door, but the American media is ignoring it. The war between Mexican authorities and drug cartels has killed 1,000 people this year! Even as President Bush is calling for 500 million in US tax dollars to go to fight drug cartels in Mexico, most Americans are in the dark. (Bush’s aid bill is opposed by Democrats and the AFL-CIO.) With the exception of people like Lou Dobbs, the media’s love affair with illegal aliens prevents them from talking about violence, mayhem, and drugs in Mexico.

From Newsmax…

Earlier this month, dozens of armed gunmen dressed as police showed up at the home of a powerful political boss in Petatlan, a pacific coastal town. His name is Rogaciano Alba. Alba was not home, but the drug combatants decided to line up 10 of Alba’s friends and family against his home. All were murdered from a wave of bullets, including Alba’s two sons.

The cartels play by practically no rules. Beheadings, a technique used by Muslim terrorists, is commonly employed against enemies of the cartels.

n the face of all this deadly surge in violence against Mexican police, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has argued that the situation has been improving and that the U.S. should lift the State Department’s travel advisory.

Richardson’s position drew Dobbs’ scorn.

“Well, it gets scary when you think of an elected official, a man who wanted to run for president, point of fact, New Mexico’s governor, failed Democratic presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson. He is completely out of touch with the reality of violence in Mexico and absolutely unrestrained in his pandering,” said Dobbs.

“Governor Richardson says the U.S.-Mexican border is now more secure. He said that just hours before the top federal police officer of Mexico was assassinated. Governor Richardson also said he wants a State Department travel alert issued by the U.S. ambassador to Mexico re-evaluated, as he put it. Governor Richardson was in Mexico yesterday making those Remarks. One of the officials that Richardson met with is the mayor of the border city of Ciudad Lorez, where more than 200 people have been killed in drug cartel violence just so far this year.”

Dobbs concluded: “And those cartels are crossing our borders and preying on teenagers with marijuana and other drugs. Mexico, a key player in the war on drugs. [Is] anyone in Washington paying attention?”