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After a lifetime of pandering to minorities, Hillary finally reaches out to white people. News Team

Since Hillary Clinton organized support for the Black Panthers in college, she has spent her entire adult life pandering shamelessly to racial minorities.

In 1995, Hillary spoke to her former High School and gushed over the number of racial minorities. She stated that she wished so many non-whites were attended the school when she went there. Pretty shameless considering her and Bill paid big bucks to send Chelsea to the whitest private school in Washington DC!

However, a lifetime of pandering is not enough. Blacks vote for Obama at rates over 90% simply because he is black and Hillary is not black.

Hillary has finally become so desperate for support that she is [gasp], pandering at long last to white people. Hillary told the press that she will be able to build a larger coalition in November than Obama because she can get “working class white people” to vote for her.

The liberal media is going berserk. The New York Post reports that “Hillary drops racial bomb.”

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