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ALERT! Amnetsy attached to Iraq War funding bill. News Team

Today, May 15th, the US Appropriations Committee voted 17-12 in favor of adding the Feinstein-Craig AG Amnesty bill as an amendment to an Iraq War funding bill. The AG Amnesty Bill would give amnesty to an estimated 1.35 Million (and most likely more than that) illegal alien farm workers. The bill was introduced by California Marxist Diane Feinstein, and the notorious Idaho Senator Larry Craig, who allegedly solicited an undercover cop for homosexual sex in a public restroom recently. The Feinstein-Craig amnesty bill has been floating around the Senate for months, but attaching an Amnesty bill to a military funding bill is a new low.

It is scheduled to go to a full vote as early as Friday, May 16th!

The bill currently has 30 sponsors including all three major presidential candidates John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Burn up the Senate switchboard. Call early and often. 202-224-3121