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Black College gives Duke Rape Hoax Accuser a Diploma! In Police Psychology. News Team

Apparently North Carolina Central University, one of America’s oldest black colleges will give a diploma to anyone, no matter how absurd.

Just last year North Carolina Central University gave Solomon Burnette, a violent felon who mugged two white Duke students and publicly advocated violence against whites, a diploma.

This year they graduated Crystal Mangum, the drug using bipolar black stripper who falsely accused Duke Lacrosse players of gang-raping her. Mangum had a history of criminal and psychiatric problems and was allegedly also working as a prostitute. She then bragged to a guard at a strip club that “I’m going to get paid by the white boys.” Later, the district attorney’s office declared that she would not be charged with filing a false report, because she was not mentally fit to stand trial for the crime.

The fact that this black college would even give her a degree in the first place is comical. The fact that the degree is in Police Psychology, makes this black college the biggest joke in American higher learning.