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BNP in best performance ever. News Team

Last week’s election in England saw the BNP increase the number of councilor seats they hold from 84 to 100. They also scored some of their highest vote totals ever and retained 40% of their filing deposits. The BNP fielded a total of 614 candidates.

The big news, however is that the BNP gained a seat on the Greater London Assembly [GLA]. Vote totals and opinion polls suggest that the BNP is now guaranteed to gain British European Parliament seats in the 2009 election.

Richard Barnbrook was elected to the GLA after receiving 130,000 votes. There are 11 seats total on the GLA.

Some highlights of the election.

1st place in Thurrock with 40% of the votes.

The BNP came in 2nd place in numerous over cities with 1/3rd of the vote.

The BNP polled 33% in an election in Wales, their best performance ever in Wales.

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