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Did Al Sharpton shake down Dr. Dre and Micheal Jackson for $100,000s? News Team

Al Sharpton and his fellow professional race hustlers likes to shakedown white businesses for money. However, there are credible allegations that Al Sharpton has subjected black entertainers to mafia-like shakedowns as well.

Bruce Williams a former business partner of black rapper Dr. Dre. He says they were shaken down for a quarter million by Al Sharpton. Dr. Dre was an original member of “Niggers with Attitudes” one of the first and most famous “ganster rap” albums. Dr. Dre then became a solo artist and a later a producer of other rap stars.

Williams says Al Sharpton threatened to “bring the heat” unless they pay him a half million. Williams says they eventually gave Sharpton a quarter million so he would go away.

Sharpton also allegedly threatened Micheal Jackson with protests in 1984. Sharpton was hired as “director of community relations” for an unknown sum of money by Jackson’s touring company. Kind of like Tony Soprano being hired as “waste management consultant” in the HBO series about a fictional mob boss.

Meanwhile, the walls are caving in on Sharpton. The IRS filed a lien for nearly a million in unpaid back taxes. The state of New York says Al Sharpton owes $365,000 in unpaid state taxes and $176,000 in unpaid bills.

Al Sharpton has now had two fires conveniently destroyed records he was required to keep for the IRS. The first fire was in 1997, and then a second one occurred in 2003 right when he was being audited. Many are asking “why is Al Sharpton not in jail?”