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England Swings to the Right

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

While the hour is late and the demographic situation of Europe growing dire, the results of elections all over the continent are cause for much hope for the land of our ancestors. From Belgium to France to Switzerland the right wing has been on the march. The issues are the same from election to election: Third World immigration, law and order, and all the excesses of European socialism are beginning to stoke a revolt among voters. And now that revolt as hit England as this week saw the Tories and the British National Party (BNP) post gains all over the whole of Great Britain. The glory days for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are certainly over as for the first time in 30 years, London has elected a conservative mayor. Ken “the Red” Livingston was defeated by a substantial margin by media personality Boris Johnson. In addition London voters elected BNP member Richard Barnbrook to the London Assembly, the first time a BNP member has achieved such distinction. Considering the diverse population of London this is a huge victory for the right as the BNP has no problem speaking the bold truth about immigration and multiculturalism.

Overall for the left wing Labor Party it was the worst defeat in local elections since the 1960’s. The Tories would do well to take a look at the destitute state of the Republican Party here and know the price of not fulfilling their promises and ignoring the grassroots issues that drove the success of conservatives here in America and in the Old World. If they take proper heed then maybe the land of our ancestors will be saved and they can provide the example for us of what must be done to save our land from socialism and multiculturalism.