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European media screaming "racism" because black singing contestant came in last. News Team

The British Broadcast Union decided to play the diversity card and submit a Andy Abraham, a black singer, as there entrant to the Eurovision Songfest. A live competition viewed by hundreds of millions that features.

43 countries participate. Many countries involved use the annual competition to promote national pride. For the first time in it’s 53 year history, the final winner is decided by call in voting.

In the first part of the competition the 43 entrants are narrowed down to 25 by judges from the various broadcast unions of each country participating. The final 25 are voted on by call in voting. Once voting was opened to the public, Britain’s black contestant came in dead last.

The BBC and various left-wing outlets in Europe are screaming “racism.” Some are even demanding that the public not be allowed to vote in future competitions. While others suggested that many European countries “need” more black people.

None of the self-righteous media experts mention that Andy Abraham just isn’t that talented. His performance was more like a small time cruise ship lounge singer, than the world class singers submitted by other nations. I supposed that in the minds of the media he should have been anointed the winner simply because of the color of his skin.

From BBC…

Artur Orzech, a Polish music journalist who has hosted that country’s television coverage since 1992 said: “The real problem is the televoting which has thrown open the voting to the public. The voting is very political and geographic. As Napoleon once said, democracy is too important to give to the people.”

Russia came in first place, followed by the Ukraine, and then Greece. The so called “controversial” Serbian singer came in sixth place.

You can view Andy Abraham performance by clicking here.