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Famous Mao Zedong sculpter to make 28 foot "confrontational" MLK statue. News Team

A model of a $100 million dollar 28 foot MLK statue is being built in China by a famous sculptor of Mao Zedong. The statue will stand on a 4 acre site on Washington DC.

The “confrontational” looking statue is designed to look like statues of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and other communist dictators.

However the US Commission on Fine Arts is not pleased. They have denounced the statue, which would be taller than the Lincoln statue, and want the MLK Memorial Foundation to start over with the design. The statue is to be made out of Granite and called the stone of hope.

The fact that the entire project will be done with Chinese labor is causing a controversy as well. American companies and sculptors have been used for all the other memorials in DC. Others point out that not a single “African-American” will be working on the project.

Read Article from Washington Post.