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Harry Potter actor killed by black attacker. News Team

Epidemic of racially motived black on white violence in England claims the life of major actor.

Robert Knox, who plays Marcus Belbly in the Harry Potter movies, was killed by two blacks thugs at a British Tavern. Robert’s younger brother was attacked first and Robert rushed in to defend him.

Robert tried to wrestle a knife out from the hands of an unidentified black attacker and was stabbed to death. Another white teenager was stabbed in the head and hospitalized. A total of four people were hospitalized.

Police have arrested one of the attackers, who is 21. The older black thugs had allegedly stolen a cell phone from another patron at the Tavern and then went on a murderous rampage when confronted about the theft.

Police in the United States call this “grazing.” When groups of black males loiter at a location and slowly move around a premises stealing objects. When a theft is witnessed or suspected, a vicious mob assault by the “grazers” can result.

2nd white London teenager stabbed to death by a non-white in two weeks.

100 people have been stabbed, 14 fatally, in London so far this year. The vast majority of stabbings are black on black. However a growing number of stabbing victims are white victims of black or Muslim immigrants.

Just two weeks earlier a 16 year old white London teen was stabbed to death by a 19 year old Turkish immigrant in what can only be described as a random racially motivated killing.

When discussing the need to stop growing London violence, the left-wing English media usually does not even mention the fact that the stabbings are a phenomenon of blacks (largely of Caribbean decent, and other non-white immigrant communities.)

England is historically one of the most crime free places to live in the world. However, immigration has now turned major sections of England’s historical cities into violent ganglands.