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How dare South Africa not accept other countries' starving refugees! News Team

The crisis in South Africa has developed aspects that mirror the illegal alien crisis in the United States. Over a half dozen African nations have officially condemned South Africa for not being “accepting” and “tolerant” enough with illegal aliens.

Just like Central American countries that are demanding the US accept pedophiles from Mexico, drug dealers from El Salvador, Voodoo doctors from Haiti, and mental patients from Cuba, the rest of Africa is demanding that South Africa accept people they don’t want.

South Africa has long been used as a release valve for the rest of Africa. However, the flood of millions of Zimbabweans has put too much stress on the nation, resulting in an explosion of violence.

The governments of Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, and several others have condemned South Africa for not being more accepting of their refugee populations.

A major newspaper in Kenya, however, admited that violence against foreigners from neighboring African countries is commonplace all over Africa and not just a phenomenon in South Africa.

Violence has died out in most of South Africa after a two week rampage. However, fresh violence started in Eastern Cape, an area previously unaffected. A Chinese-owned business was firebombed.

In a more interesting note, Jamaica’s largest newspaper condemned the South African government for protecting Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe.