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Hunting to Exstinction in Asia. News Team

The dramatic rise of 3rd World populations over the last 50 years have led to the wholesale destruction of wildlife, particularly saltwater and freshwater fish and animals in Asia.

Populations of land-based species fell by 25%, marine by 28% and freshwater by 29% since 1970 according to the World Wildlife Federation [WWF].

It said numbers had declined by 27% in the 35 years from 1970 to 2005.

Some of the worst hit are marine species which saw their numbers plummet by 28% in just 10 years, between 1995 and 2005.

Populations of ocean birds have fallen by 30% since the mid 1990s, while land-based populations have dropped by 25%.

Bluefin Tuna face extinction as Japan ships have moved to the Mediterranean to expand bluefin Tuna fishing. Japanese fishing vessels routinely violate Europe fishing law, such as using airplanes to identify Tuna schools and then moving in with massive nets linked between ships to wipe out the entire school. The so-called “purse seine” method. Smaller tuna are taken to Tuna farms in Asia to be fattened up rather than thrown back.

The WWF reports that bluefin Tuna fishing in the Mediterranean is over three times the sustainable level with the invasion of Asian fishing vessels.

Laws and regulations meant to protect wildlife are solely the product of Western countries and not practiced at all in Asia.

CNN Video, Bluefin being hunted to extinction by Japanese.