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Immigration Crackdown Saving Arizona

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

In a week when we have seen yet another attempt at drive by amnesty, a new report is out on the state of Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration. Looking next door at Mexiifornia is enough to give anyone pause as to sit back and allow a Third World invasion to bankrupt and destroy your state. Therefore Arizona has enacted some of the toughest measures in the country, many over the objection of it’s senior US Senator John McCain.

While an in depth study remains to be done, citizens are reporting that since local law enforcement began enforcing immigration law, that hospital waiting times have gone down, the expense of teaching English as a Second Language has fallen, and traffic congesting is waning. Most incredibly, while the country as a whole faces a recession, Arizona’s unemployment rate has dropped to 4.1% compared to a 5.4% national rate. This flies in the face of the doomsday predictions of the illegal alien cohorts who predicted that a crackdown would destroy the economy of the state. And in a state that was once the most travelled corridor of the invasion, crossings have dropped and the desert’s natural beauty is being restored and once frightened wildlife is beginning to return.

From Oklahoma to Georgia, from Arizona to Prince William County, Va the message is clear: CRACKDOWNS WORK. Those who fear the spectacle of ICE going door to door need only see that once a crackdown starts illegal aliens flee the area. While we stop the attempts to legalize the invasion in Congress, we must concentrate our firepower where it’s most effective and where our Founder’s intended, on the state and local level. And sure enough as this is done we will be able to rescue America from demographic collapse into a Third World future. Where there are men of courage, we can block by block and town by town and state by state take our country back.