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Left-wing: Racist Conspiracy to blame for whites outperforming blacks in academia. News Team

by Kyle Rogers

At Shaker Heights Heights High, in Ohio, this years senior class has a record breaking six National Merit Scholars. The award is based on PSAT scores. The liberal media and professional race hustlers are seething with anger that whites vastly outperform blacks on the PSAT. They blame a phantom racist conspiracy. Many call for doing away with the PSAT all together since whites outperform blacks. A race-based Scholarship program that would use race as the single biggest factor, instead of academic ones, would be more suitable in the minds of liberals and black race hustlers.

This is something that has been pontificated about in America for years by the media, left-wing school board members, and professional race hustlers. For over 100 years thousands upon thousands of people of all races and geographical locations have participated in this alleged conspiracy. It has gone on the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and beyond. It has been carried out in thousands of cities, by every state, every city school board, and every branch of the US military.

Whenever anyone has created a standardized test, especially IQ tests, for well over 100 years they have systematically created questions that are harder for blacks to answer than they are for whites. The buzz word is “racially biased questions.” Test writers are designing questions that are “racially biased” and create the illusion that whites, Asians, and Hispanics are performing better than blacks. Or that Asians and whites are performing better than Hispanics and blacks.

However, out of the multitude of people screaming that questions on tests are “racially biased,” not a single one has ever produced an example of a question that is in any way “racially biased.”

Or how about explaining the IQ gap between mainland China and Hong Kong. For the past 200+ years many of the smartest, and most ambitious Chinese people have moved from the mainland to places like Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, ect. Today these people score 4-6 IQ points higher than Chinese people living in the mainland. Are we to believe that the test are “racially biased” against people in mainland China to make ethnic Chinese in Hong Kong and Taiwan look better?

Or how about the fact that Mulattoes (people who have a white parent and a black parent) average higher scores than blacks, but still lower than whites. Are we to believe that “racially biased” questions only hurt Mulattoes half as much as they hurt blacks scores?

Anyone who takes two seconds to think about it rationally will see how absurd the notion of “racially biased questions” are. However, don’t look for the media, minority pandering liberal politicians, or the professional race hustlers to give up their phantom conspiracy any time soon.

I have another question. Is basketball a “racially biased sport.” How dare our High Schools, Collages, and professional teams universally favor black basketball players over whites? Why aren’t the same media elitists, politicians, liberal do-gooders, and black race hustlers expressing outrage over the lack of whites on basketball teams?